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GLIN==> Latest Advisor online!

View the latest issue of the Great Lakes Commission's bimonthly newsletter,
the Advisor, online at www.glc.org/advisor/03/julyaug.pdf

Highlights include:

    •  Local passion drives restoration efforts
    •  Congressional staff get a close look at Great Lakes issues
    •  New outreach program provides expertise to Great Lakes ports
    •  Rapid response provides line of defense against aquatic nuisance species
    •  Point-counterpoint: Should personal watercraft be allowed in national parks?   
    • "The Last Word" -- Chair Sam Speck on the need to include freshwater resources in a national ocean policy

You can also see the newest issue of ANS Update, included as an insert in the current Advisor, at www.glc.org/ans/ansupdate/pdf/Update08-03.pdf  The featured topic is "Mail-order sales of aquatic plants - a pathway for ANS introduction?"

The Advisor and ANS Update are also available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home page at http://www.glc.org/ Check under "recent publications" for the current issues. For back issues, select "More Commission Publications" and click on the appropriate link.

Kirk Haverkamp, Advisor editor
Great Lakes Commission
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