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GLIN==> Lisa Bourget Selected as IJC U.S. Section Secretary

The Commissioners of the U.S. Section, International Joint Commission, (IJC)
are pleased to announce that they have selected Elizabeth (Lisa) C. Bourget
as Secretary of the U.S. Section. Ms. Bourget will assume responsibilities
as U.S. Section Secretary immediately.

The Secretary serves as the principal administrator of the U.S. Section by
preparing and executing the budget, developing policy, directing the staff,
providing guidance to the IJC Boards and study teams, and serving as
contracting officer. The Secretary is one of two IJC staff positions
established by the Boundary Waters Treaty.

"We searched nationwide for the most qualified candidate and found her
within our own organization," said U.S. Section Chair Dennis L. Schornack in
announcing the selection of Ms. Bourget at the IJC's Great Lakes Conference
and Biennial Meeting.  "Lisa's energy and experience will invigorate the
work of the Commission as we embark on major projects from coast to coast."

Since October 1995, Ms. Bourget has served as the Engineering Advisor to the
U.S. Section. In this capacity, she developed integrated engineering and
ecosystem management strategies for Commissioners to guide the operations of
19 dams and other structures regulated by the IJC, and to assist with broad
watershed management responsibilities. Ms. Bourget also served as the U.S.
Section's principal representative to a dozen binational IJC Boards, and was
the lead U.S. staff member for the IJC study following the devastating 1997
Red River flood in North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba.

Prior to joining the IJC, Ms. Bourget worked for Dewberry and Davis, a
private engineering and architecture firm. As Engineering Director of the
firm's contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, she supervised
a staff of 20 engineers, hydrographers and technical writers performing
revisions to flood insurance studies.

Prior to Ms. Bourget's selection, Dr. Gerald E. Galloway served as U.S.
Section Secretary, and James G. Chandler served as Acting U.S. Section
Secretary for an interim period.

Ms. Bourget received a BS in civil engineering from the University of
Virginia and an MBA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University. She is active in the American Society of Civil Engineers'
Environmental and Water Resources Institute and serves as Chair of its
International Cooperation Council. Ms. Bourget is a registered professional
engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia and lives in Virginia with her
husband, Paul, and their two children.

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