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GLIN==> Lake Superior Land and Water Symposium, Sept. 10-12, Registration deadline, Sept. 5

Individuals interested in Lake Superior Land and Water Natural Resource

This is the Final Reminder to register for the Lake Superior Land and Water
Symposium for Sept. 10-12 at Odanah. The registration deadline is Friday,
Sept. 5, 2003. Please help us by spreading the word to your friends and

The contact information for the Sept. 10 workshop entitled 'Natural Resource
Considerations in Community Planning' is Sarah Traaholt at
sarah.traaholt@ces.uwex.edu, 715-685-2672. 

Contact information for the Sept. 11 day workshop entitled 'Successful
Coastal Management on Lake Superior' is Candace Kaprzak at
ckasprzak@nwrpc.com, 715-635-2197 

Contact information for the Sept. 12 day workshop entitled 'Human Impacts on
Lake Superior's Rivers and Streams' is Lissa Radke at lradke@northland.edu,

Be sure to register for the Special 25th Anniversary Banquet Celebration of
the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program on Thursday evening, Sept. 11 with
Curt Meine speaking on 'Sense of Place' preceded by Rae Ann Maday speaking
on the significance of the Kakagon Sloughs to Native Americans and members
of The Nature Conservancy. Entertainment includes hammer dulcimer music by
Angela Kroenke and song and dance by Tom Draughn and Les Fils DU YOYAGEUR.
An evening you do not want to miss! Register with Sarah Traaholt at

Sept. 10-12 Workshop Three Agendas, 7-24-03.doc