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GLIN==> [1st Notice] National Symposium Wetlands 2003: Landscape Scale Wetland Assessment and Management

National Symposium Wetlands 2003: Landscape Scale Wetland Assessment and Management

The Association of State Wetland Managers in cooperation with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services and other sponsors/cooperating parties will be holding Wetlands 2003 in Nashua, New Hampshire on October 20-23. The 2003 conference will focus on wetlands and landscape level assessment examining this important subject as it relates to sound science, responsible public policy and emerging legal issues. See
http://www.aswm.org/calendar/2003am/cover9.htm for information about the conference, including registration, lodging, a rough outline of the agenda (detailed outline to be posted shortly), information on poster sessions, exhibit space, sponsorship opportunities, scholarships, etc. Early registration rates are available through August 27th.
National Symposium Goals:  The overall goal of this symposium will be to build the capabilities of local governments, states, federal agencies, not for profits and others to assess and manage wetlands and related ecosystems on a landscape level by:
  • Examining the goals and management needs for regional wetland monitoring assessment and management,
  • Integrating compensatory mitigation and voluntary restoration activities into a watershed context,
  • Sharing information concerning the types and scales of data needed and data analysis approaches to meet various landscape scale management needs,
  • Familiarizing wetland, floodplain, stream, and watershed managers with various wetland monitoring and assessment techniques including the comparative advantages and disadvantages of techniques, and
  • Helping wetland managers select techniques appropriate to their circumstances ranging from site-specific planning and regulation to watershed scale analysis, restoration, and management.
For additional information send queries to aswm@aswm.org.