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GLIN==> Latest Advisor online!

View the latest issue of the Great Lakes Commission's bimonthly newsletter,
the Advisor, online at http://www.glc.org/advisor/03/mayjune.pdf

Highlights include:

     •  Special report -- Water Resources Management Decision Support System project recommendations (See link on page 1)
     •  Commission advocacy promotes regional priorities
     •  Mayors seek greater voice in regional issues
     •  Water level products aid boaters
     •  Point-counterpoint -- Should trash be an export item?
     •  "The Last Word" -- Chair Sam Speck on "practicing what we preach."

The Advisor is also available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home page at http://www.glc.org/ Check under "recent publications" for the latest issue. For back issues of the Advisor, select "More Commission Publications" and click on the Advisor newsletter.

Kirk Haverkamp, Advisor editor
Great Lakes Commission
Eisenhower Corporate Park
2805 Industrial Hwy., S. 100
Ann Arbor, MI   48104