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GLIN==> Inquiry: History of ferries across the Great Lakes from U.S. to Canada

Please respond directly to  mjo.whitaker@virgin.net

I am a writer working on a book largely set in Cornwall, in the west of England. Several of my characters emigrate to America in the 1880s and land up somewhere in Michigan. One of them (like most Cornishmen - many of whom DID settle in both Michigan and Wisconsin) is a sea captain and I want him to captain a ferry across the Lakes from America to the Canadian side
Where can I get information about the routes such ferries followed? From what port to what port? I am sure that there must have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of craft plying to and fro across those waters.

Can you help by pointing me towards a source of information, please? Books are likely to be of little help as they will not be available over on this side of the Atlantic.  Are there any suitable websites which focus on the history? I have found thousands via Google but  all seem to be current and chiefly aimed at tourist traffic. I just want to be credible. I tend to use real places in my stories rather than invented ones.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this
Mike Whitaker