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GLIN==> 2003 Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest

June 27, 2003


The people, plants and animals that live and play in and around Lake Erie 
are all subjects for the 2003 "Life On Lake Erie" Amateur Photo Contest, 
sponsored by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (LEC).  Winning photographs will 
be featured in the fall at a traveling display along Ohio's north coast and 
will be exhibited during the 2003 Coastweeks celebration, August 23 to 
September 21.
Entrants must be age 18 or older and cannot earn more than 51 percent of 
their income as photographers. All photos must be taken within the last two 
years and must be submitted in slide form. There is no limit to the number 
of slides that one photographer may submit.
An official contest entry form must accompany each slide submitted. Forms 
are available by calling 419-245-2514 or from the commission's web site at 
www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo .
First and second place winners will be selected in each of five contest 
* Family Fun - Capturing a family's enthusiasm for swimming, boating, 
fishing, picnicking and playing on Lake Erie.
* Life On The Edge - Developing images of people, plants or animals living, 
working and playing on Ohio's North Coast.
* Above And Below - Capturing views of Lake Erie from high in the sky or 
down under the water's surface!
* Balanced Growth - Showing sustainable development on Lake Erie where 
smart planning has been used to protect the environment, preserve farmland 
and open space and promote livable communities.
* Lake Erie Heritage - Celebrating Ohio's bicentennial year with an image 
of a historic activity or festival in the Lake Erie region.

Representatives of the LEC will judge the contest. Entries will be 
evaluated on the basis of creativity, photographic quality and 
effectiveness in conveying the beauty and unique character of Ohio's Lake 
Erie coast.
Entries must be postmarked by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 8, to "Life On Lake 
Erie" Photo Contest 2003, Ohio Lake Erie Commission, One Maritime Plaza, 
Fourth Floor, Toledo, Ohio 43604-1866. All entries become the property of 
the commission for use in educational and promotional materials.  The 
commission is made up of the directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection 
Agency and the departments of natural resources, transportation, 
development, health and agriculture. The commission was established for the 
purpose of protecting Lake Erie and its watershed as Ohio's premiere 
natural resource and promoting responsible development in the region.

For Further Information Contact:
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 245-2514

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