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GLIN==> EcoFluency Forum & Fair


This is a reminder that time to register for EcoFluency Forum & Fair: Ecological Waste Management for Towns, Farms, and Rural Households is running out! The two-day event is being held in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario at the Community Centre and Arena on May 3rd and 4th.


  • EcoFluency will bring together people doing cutting edge work in ecological waste/resource management for towns, farms and rural households and people that need to know about it: municipal representatives and staff, farmers, educators, students, environmental researchers, and concerned citizens.
  • The Forum & Fair will focus on municipal sewage, landfill/garbage and farm-generated manure. Featured technologies include: "living machines" (enclosed biological sewage treatment facilities), constructed wetlands for municipal sewage and farm manure, liquid manure composting systems; composting toilets; advanced bio-filtration systems; and zero waste design.
  • While the Forum offers presentations and discussion, the Fair will illustrate a wide spectrum of waste management options in working models & displays.
To participate in the full program of Forum workshops, you will need to register for the event. Basic registration is $35, full registration is $70 (includes meals). The displays and events at the Fair will be open free to the public.

Opening speaker on Saturday at the Forum will be Dr. Paul Connett, an authority on Zero Waste principles and international practice.

Keynote speaker on Sunday is John Jackson, a board member and past-president of Great Lakes United.

Over 30 exceptional panelists and presenters! Visit our website for details!

For information or registration forms call (613) 272-5395 or visit the website at:


Tracy Ryan
Communications Coordinator, EcoFluency
(613) 272-5395