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GLIN==> Request for Proposals under U.S. EPA's Bioaccumulative and Toxic Pollutant Program

U.S. EPA's Bioaccumulative and Toxic (PBT) Pollutant Program Requests for Proposals

General Information

Availability of FY 2003 Funds. The PBT Program is expecting to make available approximately $500 K for PBT projects sponsored by EPA Regions. These awards will be made through a national competitive process coordinated through the PBT Regional Contacts.

Matching Fund Requirements

There are no statutory matching fund requirements tied to this money. Cost Sharing: As final decisions are being made on which proposals to fund, those high scoring proposals where cost sharing is involved may receive greater preference. These would include cash, in-kind goods and services and third party contributions as part of the review selection.

Criteria that will be used in selecting PBT regional proposals for funding in FY2003:

  • Pollution prevention approaches
  • Cross-media Coordination
  • Support for the Agency-wide PBT Program
  • Bias toward activities that lead to results
  • Leveraging resources
  • Engagement of stakeholders
  • Replicable in other parts of the region or other regions

In preparing these proposals, you are asked to follow the attached criteria and basic guidance. Proposals should be submitted electronically via the PBT Regional Contacts to Paul Matthai (email matthai.paul@epa.gov) no later than COB April 15, 2003.

000.PBT guidance 03.wpd