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GLIN==> Forest Certification Seminar

The Woodland School, which is run by the Aldo Leopold Foundation, is offering a two-day seminar on Forest Certification. The course hopes to present some of the nuts and bolts needed for active foresters and land managers to consider certification as a management and marketing tool. Please spread the word about this opportunity.

For more info contact Rob Nelson or Sarah Lloyd at the Aldo Leopold Foundation,
608 355 0279 or go to the web and check, www.thewoodlandschool.org
Forest Certification: skills and standards for foresters and land managers
June 12-13, 2003
Forest certification has become an important tool for achieving excellence
in forest management along with providing commercial incentives for managers
and landowners to adopt sustainable forestry practices. This two-day
workshop will address the myths and realities of certification, with a
particular emphasis on the Forest Stewardship Council's North Lakes Regional
Standards. We'll present recent examples of certification in practice, both
from a landowner and resource manager perspective, and discuss some of the
key standards, including monitoring, silviculture, high conservation value
forests, and development of management plans. The second day will take us
into the field to examine forest tracts managed under certification
guidelines and talk with the landowners and foresters who work the land.
Time: 10:00 a.m. June 12 - noon June 13
Instructors: Dave Bubser, SmartWood; Fred Clark, Clark Forestry; Allen
Waelchli, Consulting Forester.
Location: Wausau
Cost: $85 (includes meals  and lodging)