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Posted on behalf of Jill Ladwig <jill@seagrant.wisc.edu>

Contact: David Ozsvath, president, AWRA Wisconsin Section, (715) 346-2287

Conference Will Examine Status of Wisconsin Waters

Feb 24, 2003-What is the current status of water in Wisconsin? How much
do we know about arsenic in well water? How is the pumping of
groundwater affecting the integrity of our aquifers? To what extent is
the use of groundwater affecting the health of our streams and rivers?

These issues are of critical importance, especially in Wisconsin-where
more than two-thirds of the population gets their drinking water from
groundwater and much of the state's billion-dollar tourism industry
relies on the vitality of our lakes and streams.

Media representatives and others will have an opportunity to find out
the answers to these and other questions at the annual meeting of the
American Water Resources Association - Wisconsin Section, which takes
place this year February 27-28 at the Lake of the Torches Hotel &
Conference Center in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. Cosponsored by the
University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute, this conference is
part of the 2003 Year of Water observance.

Leading water scientists, resource managers and planners from around the
state will present their latest findings about the state's most pressing
water issues in posters and presentations during the course of the
two-day meeting.

Representatives of the Waters of Wisconsin initiative will open the
meeting with a sneak preview of a new report on the status of water in
our state. The report is a result of the Waters of Wisconsin Forum, a
project of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, and is
meant to help lawmakers shape effective policy regarding our most
precious natural resource.

Also speaking at the conference will be Todd Ambs, the newly appointed
administrator of the water division at the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resources, and Larry Waronowicz, deputy administrator of natural
resources with the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa

A full program and abstracts are available online at www.wri.wisc.edu.

To learn more about the Year of Water, visit

The University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute is one of 54 such
institutes nationwide, all focused on addressing problems of water
supply and water quality at local, state, regional, and national levels.


Jill D. Ladwig
UW Aquatic Sciences Center
(608) 262-6393

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