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GLIN==> Mercury Workshop - Final Announcement!


An Ecosystem Approach to the Health Effects of Mercury in the Great Lakes Basin

February 26-27, 2003
Cleary International Conference Centre
Windsor, Ontario.
The deadline for registration is this Friday, 21 February 2003!
Registration information, a workshop brochure with agenda, and information on the workshop are available online at: https://www.glc.org/mercury/ 

Mercury has long been known to pose hazards to human health and particularly to fetal development with severe effects on brain structure and functioning. Mercury has entered the Great Lakes ecosystem from a variety of sources and moved through the environment via a variety of pathways.

The International Joint Commission has requested advice on the health implications of mercury in the Great Lakes. In responding to this request, it is therefore necessary to use an ecosystem approach to understand the health issues posed by the presence of mercury for people living around the Great Lakes. Leading authorities on the sources, environmental chemistry, toxicology and epidemiology of mercury will be presenting their latest findings at the workshop, with particular reference to critical pathways of mercury in the Great Lakes basin. In addition, the program provides an opportunity for display and discussion of posters. 
Several bodies under the International Joint Commission, including the Great Lakes Science  Advisory Board, the International Air Quality Advisory Board, and the Health Professionals Task Force, are collaborating with the Great Lakes Commission to host this workshop.

The registration fee for those who are attending but not appearing on the program as presenters is $60 Canadian ($40 U.S.).

For additional information, contact

Michael Gilbertson
International Joint Commission
100 Ouellette Ave., 8th Floor
Windsor, ON N9A 6T3
(519) 257-6706


Matt Doss
Great Lakes Commission
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2805 South Industrial Hwy, Suite 100
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