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GLIN==> Invasive Species Field Course




Be a part of this exciting program for educators and
environmental professionals in the Great Lakes Region!

June 16-18, 2003

Join Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) in its 2nd Annual Invasive
Species Field Course in Grand Traverse Bay! The Invasive Species Field
Course has been developed to teach educators and environmental professionals
about invasive species in the Great Lakes Region, and to prepare them to
effectively teach their students, colleagues and volunteers about invasive
species.  Emphasis will be on aquatic invasive species and the concept of
"prevention through education."

The 3-day Invasive Species Field Course will provide a unique combination of
professional seminars on shore and hands-on field sampling aboard ISEA's 77'
schooner Inland Seas.  On shore, participants will learn about current
research related to aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes, initiatives
to help reduce the introduction and spread of new invasives, and ways to
incorporate invasive species concepts into classroom teaching.  On the
schooner Inland Seas in Grand Traverse Bay, participants will learn and
practice sampling techniques, methods for analyzing environmental samples
and experimental design for invasive species research projects.  Course
participants will interact with a faculty of scientists, regulators,
mariners and educators with a common interest in this critical issue.

This course is part of ISEA's 2003 Invasive Species Education Initiative,
funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.  Selected participants for the
Invasive Species Field Course will participate free of charge, and receive
complimentary meals and lodging in the Grand Traverse Bay area.  The course
will take place on June 16-18, 2003.

For more information on becoming a participant or faculty member of the 2nd
Annual Invasive Species Field Course, please contact:

Colleen Masterson
Biologist/Education Director
Inland Seas Education Association
100 Dame Street, P.O. Box 218
Suttons Bay, MI  49682
(231) 271-3077 phone
(231) 271-3088 fax

Comments from participants in ISEA's 1st Annual Invasive Species Field

" The Invasive Species Field Course was awesome!"

"On a scale of 1 to 10 - 12+"

"I'd highly recommend it to teachers across the Great Lakes region & beyond.
This program was excellent!"

"The energy was incredible"

"As an educator who makes an effort to attend many conferences throughout
the year, I can honestly say it has been a very long time since I have come
away with so much info in such a short time.  A great job by everyone

"We always hear of the results of scientific analysis, but rarely do we ever
see how these were achieved."

"I feel so lucky to have had the experience, it was invaluable!!"

For a full report on ISEA's 2002 Invasive Species Education Project, please
see www.GreatLakesEducation.org/invasivespecies/.

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