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GLIN==> Oil Spill Issue Experts

NOAA Sea Grant Experts on:
Oil Spills, Remediation, Environmental Impacts, Environmental Law

NOAA's National Sea Grant College Program offers the following experts to assist the news media in their on-going coverage of the oil tanker disaster off the Galician coast of Spain. Feel free to contact the source of your choice directly.  If you need additional assistance please contact the Sea Grant National Media Relations Director Ben Sherman at 202-662-7095 (O), 301-262-5495 (H), Email: sherman@nasw.org.  Additional marine and coastal science experts from the universities participating in the 30-state National Sea Grant Program can be found in our on-line experts guide at www.seagrantnews.org/


Barbaros Celikkol, Ph.D., New Hampshire Sea Grant, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire, Phone: (603) 862-1940; E-mail: celikkol@cisunix.unh.edu
Topics: Oil spill response technology; estuarine hydrodynamics and environmental modeling.


Irving A. Mendelssohn, Ph.D., Louisiana Sea Grant, Professor, Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute, Louisiana State University; Phone: (225) 578-6425; E-mail: imendel@lsu.edu
Topics: Oil pollution impacts and cleanup in wetlands; bioremediation; phytoremediation.

Ralph Portier, Ph.D., Louisiana Sea Grant, Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Studies, Louisiana State University, Phone: (225) 578-4287; E-mail: rportie@lsu.edu
Topics: Bioremediation; detoxification bioreactor design; aquatic-marine toxicology; marine  industrial microbiology; developer of patented microbes that neutralize toxins in both fresh-and saltwater environments. His microbes were used in cleaning up Valdez oil spill in Alaska, several EPA Superfund sites, and oil in Persian Gulf after war with Iraq.

David Kennedy, Director, NOAA's National Ocean Service's Office of Response and Restoration; Call David Miller Office Phone: (202) 482-0013; E-mail: david.kennedy@noaa.gov
Topics: Overview of dynamics of oil spills and clean-up, environmental impacts.


Virginia Lee, Ph.D., Rhode Island Sea Grant, Associate Coastal Resources Manager, University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center; Leader, Sea Grant Marine Extension Coastal Managementt Program, Phone: (401) 874-6490; E-mail: vlee@gso.uri.edu
Topics: Nonpoint source pollution; volunteer monitoring; resource policy; hazard mitigation; sustainable communities. Assisted in state response to Moonstone Beach oil spill in 1996.

Nancy N. Rabalais, Ph.D., Louisiana Sea Grant, Associate Professor, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium, Phone: (504) 851-2800; E-mail: nrabalais@lumcon.edu
Topics: Effects of oil spills and chemical industries on natural habitats

Ronald S. Tjeerdema, Ph.D., California Sea Grant, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, Davis, Dept.of Environmental Toxicology; Phone: (530) 754-5192; E-mail: rstjeerdema@ucdavis.edu
Topics: Aquatic and environmental toxicology, specifically the fate and effects of pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, surfactants, and natural toxins in aquatic systems and organisms.

John W. Tunnell, Jr., Ph.D., Texas Sea Grant, Director, Center for Coastal Studies, Texas A&M University, Phone: (512) 993-2736; E-mail:  jtunnell@falcon.tamucc.edu
Topics: Oil spill impacts in marine environment; wind tidal ecology; tidal boundary determination


Malcolm Spaulding, Ph.D., Rhode Island Sea Grant, Professor/Dept. Chair, Ocean Engineering, University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography, Phone: (401) 874-6666; E-mail: spaulding@oce.uri.edu
Topics: Circulation and pollutant transport modeling; oil spill modeling; computational fluid dynamics. Provides consulting services on spill dynamics. He has developed a number of computer models that predict where oil and other pollutants will end up once they enter a body of water. OILMAP, the commercial version of the oil spill software, has been used to estimate trajectories of oil spills all over the world, including the 1996 Rhode Island Moonstone Beach oil spill.


Kristen A. Fletcher, L.L.M, J.D., Director National Sea Grant Law Center, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program, University of Mississippi, Phone: (662) 915-7775; E-mail: kfletch@olemiss.edu
Topics: Ocean and coastal law; natural resources law; wetlands; marine habitats; Currently undertaking a complete review of coastal and ocean laws and regulations for the President's Commission on Ocean Policy.

Richard J. McLaughlin, L.L.M., J.S.D., Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi School of Law, Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Legal Program,  Phone: (662) 915-7775;  E-mail: lwrjm@cotton.vislab.olemiss.edu
Topics: Ocean coastal law; admiralty; environmental law; international law.

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