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GLIN==> Lake Erie Steelhead Trout Angling Seminar

Posted on behalf of Dave Kelch <kelch.3@osu.edu>

For Immediate Release
October 28, 2002

Dave Kelch, District Specialist, Ohio Sea Grant

Lake Erie Steelhead Trout Angling Seminar  - Reserve Your Seats Now

November 12, 2002, 7-10 p.m.

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, Bay Village, OH

Elyria, OH--Want to find out HOW and WHERE you can catch Lake Erie's giant
rainbow trout (steelhead) during the FALL, WINTER AND SPRING in local
tributary streams and rivers? Interested in learning about steelhead
biology, including spawning runs? Want to know the best websites for
steelhead information and stream flow data? Want to learn more about
spinning and fly-fishing techniques for steelhead, and how to make your own
spawn sacs? Want to know more about the fish consumption advisory for
steelhead trout you catch from Lake Erie tributary streams and rivers?

Learn all of this and more during Ohio Sea Grant's Steelhead Trout Fishing
Seminar to be held in Bay Village, OH at the Lake Erie Nature & Science
Center, 28728 Wolf Road. Scheduled for Tuesday, November 12, 2002 from 7 -
10:00 p.m., the seminar is co-sponsored by the Ohio State University's Sea
Grant College Program and the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center.
Pre-registration and payment of $5.00 per person  (to help support the
Nature and Science Center) will be necessary to guarantee seating.

Seating will be limited, and registration at the door will be accepted only
if seating is available. Call the Nature and Science Center at 440-871-2900
for more information and details regarding registration and pre-payment for
this seminar.

The seminar will feature Dave Kelch, District Specialist with the Ohio Sea
Grant Extension Program; George Vosmik, noted local fly-fishing and
fly-tying educator and steelhead expert; and local steelhead stream fishing
expert Jim Craig. Kelch will teach participants the basics about steelhead
trout biology, why trout are stocked into Ohio's Lake Erie tributary
streams, and will give an overview and update of this extremely successful
Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife program. Kelch
will explain the facts behind the current fish consumption advisory for Lake
Erie fish with respect to Lake Erie steelhead trout. He will also explain
the purpose and goals of Sea Grant's intensive fall, winter and spring
2002-2003 steelhead angler survey, which will be conducted on area streams
and rivers from Vermilion to Conneaut.

George Vosmik, noted fly-fishing and fly-tying instructor from Rocky River,
will discuss fly fishing tactics, techniques and gear for catching trophy
steelhead trout.

Jim Craig of Grafton, a local steelhead fishing expert, will reveal his
secrets regarding where, when and how to catch steelhead in Ohio Lake Erie
tributary streams using spinning gear with live bait, trout/salmon egg spawn
bags, and artificial lures.


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