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Posted on behalf of Bob Olsgard <bob@superioralliance.org>

Lake Superior at the Crossroads    

Please help us help Lake Superior.  We think Lake Superior's communities
are on the verge of drastic change, change that could irreparably alter
the watershed's ability to support life.  Beginning November 4 in
Thunder Bay, Ontario, the Lake Superior Alliance will be holding nine
community meetings.  And we're inviting everyone who works to protect
Lake Superior to join us.  We need to plan now to ensure that the clear
waters, rugged landscape, rushing rivers and wild woodlands will still
be intact to nourish and inspire our grandchildren.  

The threats; shoreland overdevelopment, water exports and diversions,
air and water pollution to name a few, are real and pressing.  So at
each of our meetings we will:

* present information about pressing and upcoming threats
* ask community members' to share concerns about local impacts,
* continue a lake-wide dialogue about more effective work to
protect Lake Superior.

Together we can have a strong voice.  

But to be heard, we will need many more individuals and groups to play a
part in our Lake-wide network.So at each of our meetings we're asking
local citizens, activists, government officials, tribal members and
agency representatives--any and all people who work to protect Lake
Superior--for their help. We need to build our network so that lake-wide
people power can help local individuals and groups protect their piece
of the watershed. 

All meetings are free and open to the public.  If you'd like to
volunteer to help with meetings in your area, call Bob Olsgard at
888-281-1735 or email bob@superioralliance.org

Lake Superior at the Crossroads meetings:

Monday, November 4 7:00PM 
Thunder Bay, Ontario
Lakehead University Faculty Lounge

Tuesday, November 5 11:00AM 
Rocky Bay First Nation

Tuesday November 5 7:00PM 
Zero 100 Motel, Marathon, ON 

Wednesday, November 6 7:00PM
Wawa, Ontario; Wawa Community Center

Thursday, November 7 7:00PM
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Clean North Office

Saturday, November 9 10:00AM
Marquette, Michigan; NMU Bottum Center; Cadillac Room

Monday, November 11 7:00PM
Houghton, Michigan; Super 8 Motel
presented in conjunction with Friends of the Land of Keweenaw

Tuesday, November 12 7:00PM
Ashland, Wisconsin; Northern Great Lakes Visitors Center

Wednesday, November 13 7:00PM 
Duluth, Minnesota; DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace 319

Thursday, November 14 7:00PM 
Grand Marais, MN; Grand Marais Senior Center

Thank you for being involved in Lake Superior's future.

Bob Olsgard, Coordinator
The Lake Superior Alliance
PO Box 472
Spooner, WI 54801
888-281-1735, 561-760-6132 FX

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