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GLIN==> Restore the Greatness!

Restore the Greatness!


Join the International Joint Commission on September 19-20, 2003 in Ann
Arbor, Michigan for the 2003 IJC Biennial Meeting on Great Lakes Water
Quality. Mark your calendars now!


The IJC's Biennial Meeting has long been a forum for the Great Lakes and the
people who care about their future.  Our goal is to educate the Great Lakes
basin community and energize its citizens to work together, along with
governments at all levels, to carry out the purpose of the Great Lakes Water
Quality Agreement.  At the meeting, basin residents will come together to
celebrate progress, assess and comment on current action, share strategies
for restoring the Areas of Concern and discuss new and emerging issues
regarding the cleanup and restoration of the greatest body of fresh water on


See you there.