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GLIN==> Draft Waters of Wisconsin Report available

Draft Waters of Wisconsin Report-October 14, 2002

For the past two years the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
has convened meetings around the state of its Waters of Wisconsin committee.
These have included full committee meetings, public forums, and separate
working group meetings tackling various parts of the WOW effort. The draft
report posted on the Wisconsin Academy website
(http://wisconsinacademy.org/wow/forum/report/index.html) is an initial
effort to summarize the discussions, findings, and recommendations of the
WOW committee, and reflects the input of many hundreds of other participants
in the WOW process.

Some portions of the report have yet to be drafted, indicated here with the
designation "in preparation." The major components of the report, however,
are available here in draft form. These will provide a foundation for the
discussions at the October 21-22 Waters of Wisconsin forum at the Monona
Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison. We invite all those who
have registered for the meeting to look over the draft report, and to join
us at the forum for discussions of the report.

The Wisconsin Academy and the WOW committee would like to emphasize that
this is in fact still a DRAFT report. The WOW committee will be gathering
and communicating further to complete the report and welcomes suggestions
and comments.

If you are unable to attend the Madison forum, we invite you to share your
thoughts by no later than October 28, by sending a message to
contact@wisconsinacademy.org <mailto:contact@wisconsinacademy.org>, or
mailing your comments to: 

Waters of Wisconsin Report Comments 
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
1922 University Ave.
Madison WI 53726

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Waters of Wisconsin
initiative. We look forward to completing and sharing with you the final WOW
report later this year.

- The Waters of Wisconsin Committee and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences,
Arts and Letters

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