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GLIN==> Latest issue of Upwellings now online

Title: Latest issue of Upwellings now online
News Release
From: Michigan Sea Grant
October 11, 2002
Contact: Joyce Daniels, Editor, (734) 647-0766 or joydan@umich.edu

The latest issue of Michigan Sea Grant's newsletter Upwellings is now online:

Treasures of the Great Lakes
Great Lakes coastal wetlands provide important ecological functions and wildlife habitat. Yet shoreline alteration and development continue to threaten these critical areas.

Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands Illustrated Guide
This section features color photos depicting the diversity of coastal wetlands, an illustrated guide to vegetative zones and descriptions of coastal wetland types.

Where's the Beach?
Low water levels in the Great Lakes have helped create emergent wetlands in some of Michigan's coastal areas. State and federal agencies provide guidelines for coastal property-owners on regulations governing Great Lakes bottomlands and emergent wetlands.

Monitoring the Effects of Sedimentation in Wetlands
Under natural conditions, coastal wetlands intercept and trap sediments. But what happens when sediment is excessive due to urban runoff and erosion? Sea Grant research may provide clues.

Upwellings Online is a quarterly publication of Michigan Sea Grant, http://www.miseagrant.org. Michigan Sea Grant, a cooperative program of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, is dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of Great Lakes resources. Michigan Sea Grant is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. See NOAA at http://www.csc.noaa.gov.