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GLIN==> Workshop on Community Energy Planning in Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Monday, November 4, 2002

Travel Lodge Airlane Hotel, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Northern Ontario - bounded by Lake Superior and Lake Huron to the south and
by the Tundra to the north; by the Ottawa River to the east and the Manitoba
border, some 2400 kilometres to its west, is an area rich in natural
resources. The future of Northern Ontario as a prosperous, healthy and
sustainable area depends on the wise use and protection of its wealth of
natural resources. Sustainable development focuses on the ability to create
jobs and improve the standard of living while, at the same time, protecting
the wildlife and habitat, air and water that are essential to the northern
way of life. With a proper balance, sustainable jobs and economic spin-offs
are created which not only support social and cultural development but
continue to protect the fragile northern environment.

You are invited to the workshop "Sustainable Energy and Your Community:
Energy Solutions for the Future" to learn about the options available to you
and your community. Communities that think about their future energy needs
will have more flexibility and control over the planning paths that best
suits their future developmental needs. By maximizing the use of local
energy resources and by using energy more efficienty, communities throughout
Northern Ontario can cut costs, keep money in their local economies, create
local employment and develop a capacity base through training and

This workshop on Community Energy Planning will include special mention of
district energy. District energy systems use low cost or existing waste
energy to provide heating or cooling to clusters of buildings, replacing
inefficient individual, building-based boilers, furnaces and cooling
systems. You are invited to learn how district energy systems can provide
your community with economic and reliable heat and provide such additional
benefits as better air quality and economic revitilization.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Municipal and community leaders, local decision makers,
planners and developers, business leaders, consulting engineers,
environmentalists and others who are interested in renewable energy for
community development and environmental protection.

WORKSHOP LOCATION: Travel Lodge Airlane Hotel, 698 W Arthur Street, Thunder
Bay, Ontario

PROGRAM: 8:00 - Registration

8:30 - Welcome: Mr. Ken Boshcoff, Mayor of Thunder Bay

8:45 - Opening Remarks: Dr. Chris Snoek, Community Energy Systems, Natural


9:00 The Community Energy Plan - Part 1 - The Ground Rules: Ken Church,

Energy Systems, Natural Resources Canada

9:45 - District Energy In Canada: Chris Snoek, Community Energy Systems,

Resources Canada

10:15 - Break

10:30 - Sudbury District Energy Project: Peter Ronson, Toromont Energy

11:15 - From Woodland to Warmth: Biomass District Energy: Chris Snoek, NRCan

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - The Environmental Benefits of Gas Turbines and CHP: Manfred Klein,


1:45 - European Ideas for a Canadian Market: Rene Larson, Chairman of the
Board, Thunder

Bay Hydro

2:15 - Break

2:30 - The Community Energy Plan Part 2 The Application: Ken Church, NRCan

3:30 - Panel Discussion/Questions

WORKSHOP FEE: $100.00 CDN. Deadline for all registrations is Friday,
November 1st. Fee includes refreshments at workshop, workshop materials and
presentations on CD (to be forwarded following workshop). Registration form

SPONSORED BY: Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Thunder Bay

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