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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
Purdue University

DESCRIPTION:  This is a 12-month administrative professional position.
The position is 100% extension.  The incumbent will be an
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program extension specialist employed
by Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and
housed at the EPA Great Lakes National Program Office (GLNPO) in
Chicago. This individual will work closely with GLNPO personnel and
researchers and staff from other related institutions including Purdue
University, Great Lakes Sea Grant Programs, and the Great Lakes
Environmental Research Lab

RESPONSIBILITIES:  Applicant is responsible for developing an extension
and technology transfer program emphasizing problem-solving assistance
and the delivery of research-based information to coastal community
decision-makers, natural resource managers, and agency professionals
that enables them to interpret and apply data and model projections from
the Great Lakes monitoring and habitat research programs.  An applied
extension, research-based program responsive to the needs of coastal
communities, natural resource managers, and agencies will consist of
identifying user needs for mass balance project results and for data
from related Great Lakes ecosystem and food web research.  This
specialist will work with scientists and GLNPO and Sea Grant staff to
develop products that address those needs.  This specialist will work
with end users to interpret and apply project results to policy and
management decisions at the local level that result in protection and
proper management of Great Lakes ecosystems and less
 pollution in the Great Lakes ecosystems. Policy and management
decisions related to sustainable development, coastal growth management,
land use planning, transportation planning, watershed planning, resource
allocation, and socioeconomic and environmental issues associated with
coastal community growth and tourism may benefit from this science-based
extension program.  In addition, this specialist is expected to make
appropriate contributions to the research, extension, or teaching
mission of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources.

Through the efforts of this specialist, coastal communities and agencies
will be empowered to make informed science-based decisions and behavior
changes that allow them to balance community growth and use of natural
resources with the protection of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

The candidate must have a M.S. (Ph.D Preferred) in aquatic ecology,
fisheries, limnology, or closely related field.  Four years of research
and/or practical work experience on Great Lakes ecosystems is essential.
The individual must possess the ability to work independently, function
in interdepartmental and interagency teams, and to work effectively with
clients and scientists.  Strong oral, written, and electronic
communication skills are essential.   The incumbent should have the
ability and experience to lead and facilitate multi-dimensional meetings
with community decision-makers, governmental agency personnel, natural
resource managers, scientists, and the media.  Experience in Sea Grant,
extension, and / or outreach is desirable.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Applications should be received by October 4,
2003.  The screening and interview process will begin shortly thereafter
and will continue until a suitable candidate is found.

SALARY:  Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

APPLICATION:  Candidates should submit: a letter of application that
includes a statement of extension philosophy, and detailed curriculum
vitae (including publications, public presentations, and experience in
conducting workshops and conferences).  Candidate should also provide
the names and addresses of three references.

Completed applications should be sent to:

Purdue University
Human Resource Services
Attn: JoAnne Sandifur
1126 Freehafer Hall
West Lafayette, IN  47907-1126
Email: jsandifur@purdue.edu

For additional information contact:
Brian Miller
Tel. 765-494-3586
Fax:  765-496-6026
Email:  Bmiller@fnr.purdue.edu

Purdue University is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.
Pranas Pranckevicius
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Great Lakes National Program Office
77 West Jackson Blvd.  G-17J
Chicago, IL  60604-3590
312 353-3437 Tel
312 353-2018 Fax

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