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GLIN==> New Great Lakes Office Director for Pa Appointed

New Great Lakes Office Director for Pa Appointed

DEP Secretary David E. Hess announced Aug. 28 the appointment of Lori
Boughton to serve as director of the Office of the Great Lakes.
"During the past year, Lori Boughton has been involved in watershed issues
and activities in Northwest Pennsylvania through a partnership between DEP
and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)," Secretary Hess said.
"This experience, combined with the environmental cleanup and
brownfield-development work she did at EPA, has prepared Lori to address a
wide variety of issues that are important in the Great Lakes region.

"Lori's appointment will continue Pennsylvania's very skillful
representation in Great Lakes matters at the local, national and
international levels."

Pennsylvania is a Great Lakes state by virtue of its 63 miles of coastline
on Lake Erie. Over the past decade, Pennsylvania has significantly increased
its role in Great Lakes activities.

Internationally, the Office of the Great Lakes is responsible for the
development of a Lakewide Management Plan for Lake Erie in conjunction with
three other states, the Province of Ontario, Environment Canada and EPA. As
director, Boughton also will represent Pennsylvania on the International
Joint Commission Water Quality Board.

On the state level, the office works closely with the Great Lakes
Commission, the Council of Great Lakes Governors and the Great Lakes
Protection Fund. Locally, the office has been responsible for developing a
Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for Erie's Presque Isle Bay, identified as an
Area Of Concern (AOC) in the early 1990s. To that end, Boughton drafted and
presented a report this summer to redesignate Presque Isle Bay as an Area Of
Concern in recovery under the Great Lakes Program.

Prior to Boughton's work with DEP, she was the Chief of the Policy and
Guidance Branch of the EPA Office of Site Remediation Enforcement in
Washington, D.C., dealing with Superfund and other environmental-cleanup
programs. In that position, she was responsible for developing policy and
guidance documents; managing the delivery of environmental-cleanup training
to several thousand federal and state employees, and helping to formulate
EPA changes that foster reuse of Superfund sites through public and private

>From 1990 to 1996, Boughton worked for EPA as a Senior Environmental
Protection Specialist, helping to direct the development and analysis of
brownfields and Superfund legislative proposals and administrative policies.
During this time, she became recognized as a national expert on liability
issues associated with the reuse of contaminated properties.

Boughton co-authored innovative prospective-purchaser guidance and developed
a handbook describing tools to manage liability concerns associated with the
reuse of contaminated property.

As director of the Office of the Great Lakes, Boughton succeeds Kelly Burch,
who last December was appointed DEP Northwest Regional Director.

Boughton holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's degree in
environmental pollution control, both from Penn State University. She
resides in Meadville with her husband, David, and two children, Chloe and

For more information on water quality, visit the PA PowerPort at
www.state.pa.us, PA Keyword: "water quality."

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