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GLIN==> Latest Seiche Newsletter is Online

The latest issue of the Minnesota Sea Grant's "Seiche" newsletter is
available at

Articles include:

A Tale of Two Cities' Lawn Care Practices

A law restricting the use of phosphorous in Plymouth, MN, seems to be
helping water quality in this Twin Cities suburb.  A preliminary study
found less phosphorous polluting Plymouth's waterways after storms
compared to a neighboring community that doesn't restrict phosphorus.
A survey complementing the study suggests that most people who
fertilized their lawns were not sure how much fertilizer their soil
needed or how much they used. 

"Sensing" Duluth's Streams

Four of Duluth's 42  streams will soon flow past your computer on their
way to Lake Superior.  A project is underway to monitor the water
quality of the streams, and to deliver  information through a Web site
and interactive kiosks. 

No Rest for 'Sleeping Beauty'

Dormant for 15 million years, awake for four.  The fish enzyme that can
integrate foreign genes into human chromosomes has been joined by
another technology for studying DNA.  Together, they inspired over $5
million dollars of support and Discovery Genomics, Inc.   

Great Lakes Commission Gains Minnesota Grad

Thomas Jabusch, who recently earned a doctorate from the University of
Minnesota studying environmental toxins, wins a Great Lakes
Commission-Sea Grant Fellowship.

An Order of (Small) Fries

"A Guide to Larval Fishes of the Upper Mississippi River" (USFWS, 1990)
might be the field guide you're missing.  This 113-page spiral-bound
book, which includes a wide assortment of Midwestern fish species, is
available for $2.  

Interested in Water Gardening?

"Invasive Aquatic Plants: What Every Plant Enthusiast Needs to Know,"
is a free brochure describing problems created by invasive aquatic
plants and how water gardeners can prevent spreading these plants

..plus information on other staff activities and new products/services.
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Marie Zhuikov (pronounced zwee-cough)
Communications Coordinator
MN Sea Grant, University of MN - Duluth
(218) 726-7677   Fax: (218) 726-6556

"I love the smell of science in the morning."
Dexter, Dexter's Lab - Cartoon Network

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