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GLIN==> Weakley named next president of LCA

Posted on behalf of  Glen Nekvasil ggn@lcaships.com

June 28, 2002

James H. I. Weakley Will Be Next President

James H. I Weakley has been selected to be the next President of Lake
Carriers' Association. He will succeed George J. Ryan when the latter
retires after 20 years of service on January 15, 2003. Mr. Weakley will
begin serving as President-Elect of LCA on October 1 to ensure an orderly
"I am delighted to turn the helm over to Jim Weakley," said Ryan. "I have
worked with him for more than 10 years and consider Jim ideally suited to
represent U.S.-Flag shipping on the Great Lakes. He possesses both
managerial and operational skills that, combined with his knowledge of the
U.S. Coast Guard, will enable him to effectively and authoritatively
represent the industry throughout the region and to our nation's leaders in

"As both a member of the Coast Guard and then private industry, I have held
George Ryan in the highest regard," said Weakley. "He and his staff have
made Lake Carriers' Association the premiere maritime trade association in
the United States and I consider it a great honor and challenge to succeed

Mr. Weakley's maritime experience is extensive. A 1984 graduate of the U.S.
Coast Guard Academy, he sailed aboard the USCG Cutter MIDGETT as an
Engineering Officer. His shoreside assignments in the Coast Guard included
Pollution Response and Vessel Inspection, as well as Search and Rescue
(SAR). In 1993, Mr. Weakley entered the private sector, joining The
Interlake Steamship Company as Personnel Director. During his career with
Interlake, he advanced to the position of Operations Manager.

A member of the Coast Guard Reserve, Mr. Weakley was recalled to active duty
in September 2001 and is a founding member of the Maritime Security Division
for the Ninth Coast Guard District which covers the entire Great Lakes

Mr. Weakley has been awarded the Coast Guard Commendation Medal, two
Achievement Medals, a Humanitarian Service Medal and two National Defense
Medals, as well as personal and unit awards.

Mr. Weakley earned a Masters of Business Administration from the Executive
Program at Case Western Reserve University in 1999. He and his wife, Sally,
live in Lakewood, Ohio.

Lake Carriers' Association represents 11 American corporations operating 56
U.S.-Flag vessels on the Great Lakes. LCA-registered vessels supply the
Great Lakes region with more than 100 million tons of vital raw materials
each shipping season. These cargos include iron ore and fluxstone for the
steel industry; steam and met coal for power generation and steel
production; limestone and cement for the construction industry; and salt,
sand, and various liquid-bulk products.


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