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GLIN==> Michigan Areas of Concern News online

The spring edition of Michigan Areas of Concern News is now online.  The newsletter, produced by
the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC), includes articles on the following topics:

- Delisting guidelines finalized for U.S. Areas of Concern (The guidelines are also online.  See link below.)
- SPAC RAP priorities conveyed to state legislators
- Great Lakes Conservation Task Force report
- Guest Feature by Senator Ken Sikkema on the Task Force report
- Human health concerns in the Great Lakes and AOCs
- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers RAP program
- Sewer system funding needs
- Contaminated sediments in the Lake Erie - Lake St. Clair drainage basin
- AOC updates

For these articles and more, visit http://www.glc.org/spac/aocnews/aocnews.html.  To view the Delisting Principles and Guidelines, go to http://www.glc.org/spac/delisting.pdf.  For a hard copy of either of these publications, contact the Great Lakes Commission at 734-665-9135, glc@great-lakes.net.