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GLIN==> Request for abstracts for coastal wetlands projects

Please distribute broadly and forgive cross-postings.


The Great Lakes Commission, on behalf of the Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands
Consortium, announces the release of its second round of project funding.  A
total of $300,000 is available for projects that address several needs
established by the Consortium.

Please see the attached Request for Abstracts for details on specific needs
and target funding dates.  Further information on past and current
Consortium activities can be found on its website (see link above).  Contact
Ric Lawson at the Commission if you have questions.

     Ric Lawson
     Great Lakes Commission
     Argus II Building
     400 Fourth St.
     Ann Arbor, MI  48103-4816
     Ph: 734-665-9135
     Fax: 734-665-4370

RFA-Year 2.pdf