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GLIN==> 2002 award for Best Website on Great Lakes Regional Culture

Posted on behalf of Addie Guzman addie@mail.h-net.msu.edu

Best Website on Great Lakes Regional Culture in 2002, presented by Michigan
State University's Center for Great Lakes Culture
The award for the Best Website on Great Lakes Regional Culture in 2002 went
to the Wisconsin's Great Lakes Shipwrecks website:

This site is a joint project of the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
Institute and Wisconsin Historical Society. It was selected because of its
exceptionally high quality of content. Launched in 1996, the website
collects and disseminates valuable information which contributes to the
understanding of the cultural and social history of Wisconsin's maritime
heritage. For example, the website features descriptions of the history and
fate of 22 historic shipwrecks, 17 video clips, a glossary of nautical
terms, and links to about 50 other online sources of related information as
well as Great Lakes diving safety information. The partners explain that the
objective of this exciting project is "to promote a better public
appreciation for the historical and cultural value of the shipwrecks in
state waters, while encouraging responsible use and preservation of these
sites among recreational divers."

The inaugural "Best Website on Great Lakes Regional Culture" award was
presented in 2001 to the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN).


The Center for Great Lakes Culture is dedicated to understanding and
interpreting the cultural history and expressions of the diverse peoples,
traditions and customs of the Great Lakes region (including the Ohio River
Valley area), and the region's interaction with the world. Through research,
instruction, and outreach programs throughout the region, the Center seeks
to coordinate and expand current university research and collections and to
increase the visibility, use, and access to these resources, both at MSU and
other colleges and universities, libraries, archives, museums, and cultural
centers. Established in 1999, the Center is housed in historic Linton Hall
on the Michigan State University campus alongside its parent College of Arts
and Letters. The Center is online at http://www.greatlakes.msu.edu/

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