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GLIN==> Council of Great Lakes Governors--Job Opening

Title: Environmental Policy Director

Program Manager, Council of Great Lakes Governors



Location:        Chicago, Illinois

Start date:      Immediate

Salary:            Compensation for this staff position is commensurate with experience ($40 - $60k). CGLG also has a competitive benefits package.



The Council of Great Lakes Governors is a close non-partisan partnership of the Governors of the eight Great Lakes states.  In 1983, the region's Governors decided to join forces to create the Council and tackle the severe environmental and economic challenges then facing the citizens of their states.  In recent years the Premiers of Ontario and Quebec have also joined this team.  Through the Council, the Great Lakes Governors and Premiers work together to ensure that the entire Great Lakes region is both economically sound and environmentally conscious in addressing today's problems and tomorrow's challenges.


The Program Manager for Environmental Affairs will serve as the coordinator of projects related to the environment, including the Great Lakes Water Management Initiative which is an ongoing project with the objective of creating a durable set of binding water management agreements within the region.  This position requires the Program Manager to work in Chicago, Illinois.


Qualified candidates must have:

  • A minimum of 2 years experience in environmental policy development (specifically an understanding of general environmental policy and/or water management within the Great Lakes region)
  • Experience in facilitation and consensus building among multiple parties
  • Experience working in state government or with state government representatives
  • The ability to manage multiple projects
  • Exceptional research, writing, and interpersonal skills
  • An aptitude for writing policy and other public policy communiqués to explain complex information to various audiences
  • A Bachelors Degree is required



To apply, please send your resume to:


Mr. Bill Stanley

Program Manager

Council of Great Lakes Governors

35 East Wacker Drive, Suite 1850, Chicago, IL 60601

Tel: 312-407-0177    Fax: 312-407-0038

E-mail: bstanley@cglg.org

Web: www.cglg.org