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GLIN==> News Release - State of the Coast 2002 Conference

                                MN SEA GRANT
                                NEWS RELEASE

Contact: Sharon Moen (218) 726-6195

Conference to Examine Challenges Facing North Shore Economies and
Land Use

Communities along Minnesota's North Shore share unique physical,
cultural, and demographic features that contribute to the area's
renowned appeal.  In an effort to maintain those qualities, the North
Shore Consortium is sponsoring "State of the Coast 2002."  This is the
sixth conference dedicated to sharing insights and generating solutions
to challenges along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Regional and
local elected officials, resource planners, business owners, and
interested individuals will convene on April 22 in Two Harbors,
Minnesota, to participate in discussions about the North Shores'
rapidly changing social, economic and physical landscapes, and to
explore innovative ways to address associated issues.

A regional planner and a recreation specialist from the Lake Tahoe area
will describe the invaluable lessons they learned during community
struggles to preserve the character of the Lake Tahoe basin while
promoting it as a major destination.  The visiting speakers will detail
the changes in community dynamics generated by the unprecedented growth
of the recreation and hospitality industries with the goal of helping
North Shore communities confronted by similar circumstances.

A panel of North Shore authorities representing interests in economic
development, real estate markets, tourism, and local government will
contribute regional perspective.  They will outline the challenges and
changes they see affecting the North Shore and how these may
potentially impact Minnesotašs unique coastline.  "State of the Coast
2002" will also highlight current planning efforts and successful
endeavors in the Lake Superior basin and will conclude with an
audience-driven discussion.

"We are expecting a record number of people and lively conversations on
economics, land use, and environmental integrity," said Larry Moon, one
of the original co-founders of the North Shore Consortium conference.
"Even an ice storm didn't stall last years' valuable exchange of
information about the North Shorešs unique ecology and latest
development patterns.  Participants said the topics were pertinent and
that they enjoyed the mix of ideas and issues.  We're expecting better
weather this year and an equally productive program."

This project is made possible in part by a grant with the Minnesota
Department of Natural Resources-Waters and Minnesota's Lake Superior
Coastal Program through the Coastal Zone Management Act administered
through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of
Ocean and Coastal Resource Management.  Other sponsors and cooperators
in the North Shore Consortium include: the Arrowhead Regional
Development Commission, Lake County, Minnesota Land Trust, Minnesota
Pollution Control Agency, University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program,
and the North Shore Management Board.

The conference will be held at Superior Shores Resort and Conference
Center.  The registration fee, which includes lunch, is $10 prior to
April 17 and $15 thereafter.  Pre-registration is advised.  Additional
information and an agenda are available on the State of the Coast 2002
Web page: www.ardc.org/coast2002.  You may also call (218) 529-7535 for
more information and to register.


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