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GLIN==> Conference: "Linkages Across the Border: The Great Lakes Economy"

Conference Announcement

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago will hold a conference on economic
linkages in the Great Lakes region at its Detroit Branch April 4 and 5. This
conference will assess the extent to which the Canadian and American Midwest
economies have become integrated with respect to trade, investment, business
travel, immigration and tourism. The primary policy questions will be
whether the physical infrastructure, bi-national commercial and resource
agreements, and border management policies are sufficient to support this
highly integrated border economy. The conference will begin at 2:00 Thursday
afternoon and end after lunch on Friday. The Branch is located at 160 W.
Fort Street.

Location: Detroit, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Branch at 160 W. Fort

Date for conference: April 4-5 2002; 1.5 days

Contact Information

Ella Dukes, phone: 312-322-5757, Email: ella.dukes@frbchi.org

Highlights of the conference include

Keynote addresses by Peter McPherson, President of Michigan State
University; Chris Sands, Fellow and Director, Canada Project, Center for
Strategic and International Studies; The Honorable Governor John Engler.

A panel discussion on how to manage the border in light of September 11.
Participants include representatives from the office of Canada's Deputy
Prime Minister John Manley and from the office of Tom Ridge, Director of
Homeland Security; Ken Swab, Legislative Director, Northern Border Caucus;
Jim Phillips, President and CEO, Canadian-American Border Trade Alliance

A session on the transportation of goods across the border, with special
focus on the automotive industry. Participants include: David Andrea,
Director, Forecasting Group, Center for Automotive Research; Kevin Smith,
Director if Customs Administration, General Motors; JohnTaylor, Senior
Lecturer, Wayne State University; Harry Caldwell, Chief, Intermodal Freight,
Federal Highway Administration; Thomas Klier, Senior Economist, Federal
Reserve Bank of Chicago

A session on the movement of people and capital. Participants include:
Demetrios Papademetriou, Co-Director, Migration Policy Institute; Mike
Donohue, Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission; Tim O'Neill, Executive
Vice President and senior economist, Bank of Montreal; Daniel Cherrin,
Director of Public Policy, Detroit Regional Chamber

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