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GLIN==> Public Hearing: March 18

Title: Public Hearing: March 18
Notice of Public Hearing
Monday, March 18, 2002, 7:00 PM
Scio Township Hall, 827 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: Roger Rayle, Scio Residents for Safe Water, 734-761-8932

Please attend the public hearing with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  This hearing will focus on changes to the permit of purgewater to Honey Creek, which will affect area groundwater and the Huron River.

Scio Residents for Safe Water (SRSW) believes the proposed increase to 1300 gpm will pose unnecessary risks to our water supply.

SRSW believes that the lateral and vertical extent of the contamination should be fully defined (at the level of detect - 1 ppb) and that any increase in the discharge rate should be at a proportionally lower ppb of dioxane to prevent harm to groundwater and Ann Arbor water supplies.

SRSW favors a solution where some of the fully treated purgewater will be carefully re-injected back to the edges of the plumes to help flush remaining dioxane back to purge wells. In addition, a full carbon balance and complete tracking of intermediate breakdown compounds is critical and was promised in earlier permits.

For additional information, see www.hvcn.org/info/srsw, contact Roger Rayle, SRSW at 734-761-8932 or roger@fci.izzy.net