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GLIN==> Great Lakes presenters needed...2002 Rouge River Water Festival

RESENDING...with MS-Word attachments.
Posted on behalf of Sue Buffington <sbuffin@co.wayne.mi.us>

I am appealing to you for help - we need presenters for the 2002 Rouge River
Water Festival to speak on our wonderful Great Lakes....the geology,
geomorphology, water levels, unique features, etc. etc.  We have 2,648 fifth
graders coming to the 2002 Rouge River Water Festival this year - Thursday,
May 2nd, from 9:00am-3:00 pm on the campus of the University of

We would sincerely appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide in
helping us secure some presenters for this event. All Presenters and
Exhibitors provide their time and expertise gratis to this one day
children's environmental educational event and receive a FREE Water Festival
T-shirt along with a FREE boxed lunch and bottled water.  This year, 2002,
marks the fifth year this event has been co-sponsored by the Wayne County
Department of Environment and the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  In fact,
this year, we're the largest children's water festival in the State of

I have attached  a copy of the Program Description along with the
registration form for this event. If you would like additional information
or have any questions, please let me know. My name is Sue Buffington and I'm
at: (313) 224-8280, at the Wayne County Department of Environment or you can
email me at: sbuffin@co.wayne.mi.us.  We also recruit volunteers for this
event so I've attached the Volunteers Registration form (just in case).

2002 Presenters Registration.doc


2002 Volunteer Registration Form.doc