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GLIN==> Great Lakes Satellite Imagery

Today Great Lakes Information Network posted some information about
a time series of dramatic satellite images showing a very large
area of algae blooms in Lake Michigan.

While the images of the algae blooms are very dramatic and
pretty disturbing, a more subtle and unintended
feature of some of the photos
not mentioned also may show some interesting and
dramatic depictions of smog and air pollution transport.

While it takes a while to download the megabyte of photos, it is
well worth it.  The satellite image series is at


Other interesting photos are at:


The very first photo for July 24, 1999 at the first URL seems to show
show particle air pollution being transported over Lake Michigan from the 
just south of Milwaukee where there are a number of coal fired power
plants.  The transport appears to go all across the lake and the cloud
appearance in Michigan seems to show increased cloud formation immediately
downwind after the particles come on shore (power plants are know to release
particles that participate in cloud droplet nuclei formation).  The picture
also appears to show particle generation and transport from the Chicago
area as well and subsequent transport to Michigan.   I've not been able to
check a weather database to see if regional winds were blowing in the
direction indicated.   If they were, I think we're looking at air pollution 
in the
first photo rather than algae.  If winds were'nt blowing from the WSW, them
it probably is algae.

In addition to heavy Lake Michigan algae,
the photo on September 2, 1999 shows heavy regional haze in central to northern
Illinois and extending into Wisconsin.  The September 4, 1999
photo shows heavy regional haze in central to northern Wisconsin extending
into the central/western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

September 2 and 4, 1999 were indeed high air pollution days in the midwest 
and occurred during an ozone air pollution episode.
While ozone is invisible, the components
of "hazy blobs" that go along with the ozone....fine particle aerosols, 
nitrates, etc. are quite visible as regional haze in the satellite
photos.  Note that not even in Michigan's remote upper peninsula are you 
from heavy air pollution and Chicago area transported air pollution.

I've placed U.S. EPA's ozone/smog 24 animation GIFs for 9/2/1999 and
9/4/1999 at the following URLs so you can match the photos to the
smog incident:


Give it time to load the full 24 hours.

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