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GLIN==> GLC Semiannual Meeting, May 5-8 in Quebec City

Register online at https://www.glc.org/SAM2002/
Deadline for early registration is April 5; the special rate for rooms
may not be available after this date.

Dear Friend:
On behalf of the entire Great Lakes Commission membership, we are
delighted to invite you to join us in Québec City for our 2002
Semiannual Meeting. Please mark your calendars for May 5-8, 2002.

The Great Lakes Commission is evolving and so is its meeting format. The
Québec City event will feature a whole new look! We will have a timely
and relevant central theme -- "Our Lakes, Our River, Our Future:
Ensuring Environmental and Economic Prosperity" -- as well as fewer and
more in-depth presentations; an interactive format with Members,
Observers and all participants; and, an opportunity to immerse ourselves
in the culture and sights of the area.

The setting will be spectacular! We will be meeting at the historic
Château Frontenac, high above the shores of the St. Lawrence River. Our
Québec Government hosts have also arranged for tours, receptions, a
luncheon and a banquet that will showcase Québec's culture and hospitality.

This is a meeting that you may wish to build a spring vacation around
and possibly invite your spouse/significant other to accompany you.
Toward that end, we have arranged to have the special conference rate
($97.00 plus tax - U.S.) apply to the weekend prior to the meeting and
the two days following.

We thought you might appreciate an earlier-than-usual meeting notice so
you can secure necessary travel approvals well in advance.

Preliminary program: http://www.glc.org/announce/SAM2002/agenda.pdf

Please register and make your travel arrangements as soon as possible.

Please join us in May to explore old Québec and the new Great Lakes
Commission! If we can be of assistance as you make your preparations,
please call 734/665.9135.


Nathaniel E. Robinson
Chairman of the Board
Michael J. Donahue, Ph.D.

Register online: https://www.glc.org/SAM2002/
GLC home page: http://www.glc.org/

The Great Lakes Commission, chaired by Nathaniel E. Robinson
(Wisconsin), is a nonpartisan, binational compact agency created by
state and U.S. federal law and dedicated to promoting a strong economy,
healthy environment and high quality of life for the Great Lakes - St.
Lawrence region and its residents. The Commission consists of state
legislators, agency officials, and governors' appointees from its eight
member states. Associate membership for Ontario and Québec was
established through the signing of a "Declaration of Partnership." The
Commission maintains a formal Observer program involving U.S. and
Canadian federal agencies, tribal authorities, binational agencies and
other regional interests. The Commission offices are located in Ann
Arbor, Michigan.

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