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GLIN==> REMINDER: international conference on transboundary management GREAT LAKES


International Conference:
MANAGING SHARED WATERS Towards Sustainable Transboundary Coastal

Date: June 23-28, 2002 in 
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

You are invited to participate in an international conference that is
bringing together the marine and freshwater coastal communities to share
experiences and address capacity needs related to the sustainable
development of marine and freshwater coastal regions. The conference
will assess a wide range of coastal issues including the special
challenges of transboundary coastal regions.

You are also invited to submit proposals for presentations, special
sessions and seminars. Presenters may also have the opportunity of
having their papers included in a Resource Kit to be published following
the conference and to be distributed internationally through UNU Press.
See the attached document for more details and instructions on how to
respond to the Call for Papers.

If you would like to attend or receive more information, please send
your contact information to managing.shared.waters@pollutionprove.org
and we will include you on our list for updates.

Please forward this Announcement and Call for Papers to colleagues who
might be interested in attending or presenting at this international
conference. Please feel free to add this to your posted calendar of
events or include an announcement in publications, or e-newsletters.


There are three partners working together to produce this significant
international event 
- Coastal Zone Canada Association - this is its fifth biennial
international conference.
- Pollution Probe - a Canadian environmental non-profit organization
with 30 years experience.
- United Nations University: International Network on Water, Environment
& Health - established in 1996 to strengthen international water
management capacity.

Location: Hamilton, Ontario Canada. 

MANAGING SHARED WATERS is being held in the Great Lakes basin, which
offers participants a unique opportunity to examine the joint efforts of
Canada and the United States in ecosystem cleanup and rehabilitation.
Hamilton is home to the United Nations University's International
Network on Water, Environment and Health. The Canada Centre for Inland
Waters, a renowned water research institute, is located just outside the
city.  Hamilton is approximately a one-hour drive from the City of
Toronto, Niagara Falls and the United States border. 

Innovative features of the conference:

The main goal of the conference is to help address the capacity needs of
those working in various world regions to implement sustainable coastal
zone and watershed management in real situations, particularly those
requiring transboundary cooperation for success. 
- The conference will provide a forum for the sharing of expertise
between those working in the fields of freshwater and marine coastal
- Participants will be provided with a set of background papers,
including four case studies that will be used to facilitate practical
discussion at the conference. 
- The conference will serve as a capacity building experience for
participants through a wide variety of presentations, roundtables,
panels, field trips and networking opportunities. 
- It will also engage participants, through a set of facilitated
workshops, to produce a Conference Statement that make recommendations
to the international community.   

Conference Program Outline:

The conference will address capacity development related to a wide range
of coastal issues under the following framework. 
Sunday - Field trips and Opening Ceremony
Monday - Education, training and awareness raising for sustainable
coastal management
Tuesday - Institutional and participatory frameworks, including
transboundary cooperation
Wednesday - Measuring and understanding coastal ecosystems, including
the built and natural environments
Thursday - Infrastructure, products and services provided by the private
and public sectors
Friday - Summary presentations and finalization of Conference Statement

It's more than a conference:

The products of the conference will be developed as a Resource Kit,
which will be given to participants and distributed internationally. It
will include:
- Four Case Studies on the Sustainable Management of Transboundary
Coastal Ecosystems;
- Overview of the Capacity Needs of the Coastal Community;
- Overview and Recommendations for Integrated Coastal Zone Management;
- Summaries on tools, methodologies, and approaches presented during the
- MANAGING SHARED WATERS Conference Report including summaries of
- Conference participants list to facilitate networking opportunities
after the conference; 
- Conference Statement, which will be disseminated to the international
- Reference listings of articles and web linkages associated with
sustainable ecosystem management. 

Who should participate as a presenter or delegate:

With more than 50% of the world's population living in coastal regions,
the conference is expected to attract more than 500 delegates from
around the world. Anyone interested in the sustainable development of
marine or freshwater coastal ecosystems is invited to attend including
representatives from international agencies; national, sub-national and
local governments; non-government organizations; business; academia,
indigenous peoples, youth, and other coastal stakeholders.  

Financial Assistance:

Some financial assistance is expected to be available for delegates from
developing countries. Those who qualify and are interested should
contact the Managing Shared Waters Secretariat to be included on a list
for consideration. Preference will be given to those presenting papers.

Book these dates on your calendar:

February 15, 2002: Firm deadline for response to Call for Papers
June 23-28, 2002: International conference in Hamilton
For more information:

Watch the MANAGING SHARED WATERS website for updates:

Contact - for more information:

Pollution Probe
402-625 Church St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4Y 2G1
Fax: +1-416-926-1601
Email: managing.shared.waters@pollutionprobe.org

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