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GLIN==> Lake Erie License Plate gets new "Bicentennial" look; supports same mission

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Lake Erie License Plate Gets New "Bicentennial" Look;
Continues to Support Lake Erie Improvements

TOLEDO, OH - Ohio's Lake Erie License Plate has a new look, but the
proceeds of its sales will continue to support improvements to Lake Erie
and its watershed. The "Erie...Our Great Lake" plate, which features the
Marblehead Lighthouse design by Ohio artist Ben Richmond, will now also
display the bold red "Ohio's Bicentennial" stripe at the top similar to
the regular State of Ohio plate celebrating Ohio's upcoming 200th
Birthday to take place in 2003.

Since 1993, Ohioans have shown their support for Lake Erie by purchasing
the Lake Erie License Plate and helped raise over $7.5 million for
nearly 200 research and improvement projects that help protect and
restore the quality of Lake Erie, its shoreline and watershed.

All of the additional proceeds from the sales of this special
environmental license plate go to the Lake Erie Protection Fund. This
fund is used for grants and worthwhile projects that address the goals
of the Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan, Ohio's blueprint for the
future of the Lake Erie region. Projects most recently funded include:

- East Harbor State Park Bird Trail observation decks and boardwalk
- Natural resource protection program for the Chagrin River watershed
- Storm water management programs, plans and models
- Small business hazardous waste recycling center demonstration site
- Brownfield abatement project for Cuyahoga and Summit counties
- Implementation of the Lake Erie Heritage Area for promotion of coastal
historical and nature-based tourism activities as economic tools for
natural resources protection
- West Creek Preserve urban wetlands project
- Research on biotoxicity of heavy metals and PAHs, and bioremediation
of PCBs
- Prioritizing Cuyahoga River wetlands for restoration and preservation
- Mooring buoys for the new Kelleys Island Underwater Preserve
- Bulk pesticide/fertilizer containment program
- Conservation tillage and agricultural data projects

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission oversees and awards grants from the Lake
Erie Protection Fund, which was created by the Ohio General Assembly in
1990. The Commission was established to preserve Lake Erie's natural
resources, protect the quality of the lake's waters and ecosystem, and
promote economic activity in the region. The Ohio Lake Erie Commission
is comprised of the directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection
Agency and the Departments of Natural Resources, Health, Agriculture,
Transportation and Development.

To purchase the Lake Erie License Plate and show your support for our
Great Lake, simply visit the nearest Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Registrar location, call 1-866-OPLATES (866-675-2837) or apply on-line
at: WWW.OPLATES.COM. Reports and information about the Lake Erie
Protection Fund projects may be obtained from the Ohio Lake Erie
Commission office in Toledo at 419/245-2514 or on-line at the
Commission's website: www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo


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