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GLIN==> Stormwater Conference Announcement

Posted on behalf of Jim Pinkham jpinkham@athenet.net

Early registration discounts are still available for one more week at the
regionwide stormwater conference that Fox-Wolf Basin 2000 is hosting Feb.
19-21, 2002 at the Pioneer Inn in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Titled "Stormwater 2002: Tying the Pieces Together - Design, Ordinances,
Policies, and Economics," this conference will be a must-attend event for
local, county, and state decision-makers, elected officials, environmental
consultants, developers, builders, realtors, agricultural interests, and
private- and public-sector planning, engineering and public works

Until next Tuesday, Feb. 5th, conference rates are $175 for the full three
days, $120 for Feb. 20 and 21, or $75 for a one-day registration. After Feb.
5, conference rates are $225 for the full three days, $145 for Feb. 20 and
21, or $100 for a one-day registration. Fox-Wolf Basin 2000 members qualify
for a 10% discount on these rates.

Developed by the Wisconsin Stormwater Advisory Committee, this highly
practical conference starts Feb. 19 with a daylong pre-conference workshop
on low-impact site design, featuring Tom "Dr. Stormwater" Schueler,
executive director and founder of the Center for Watershed Protection.
Schueler's organization has provided technical assistance to local
governments in 30 states in preparing effective watershed protection plans,
and Schueler himself has led more than 400 watershed restoration projects.
The workshop uses case studies, discussion, and hands-on experience to offer
the very latest information on stormwater-friendly site design and
construction. The day is also being organized as a "train-the-trainer" event
to equip interested educators and professionals with ways to teach and
implement Schueler's principles throughout the state.

Schueler stays on to keynote the full conference opener on Feb. 20, and his
remarks on the need and process for a coherent, credible watershed approach
will be amplified and complemented with a lunchtime address by prominent
Wisconsin attorney Paul Kent, of Madison-based Davis & Kuelthau, and the
Municipal Environmental Group.

Wednesday also features a morning general session on "Case Studies in
Integrated Stormwater Management" with a panel of residential and commercial
builders, realtors and developers from all over Wisconsin who discuss the
costs, benefits, and challenges of trying to build innovative stormwater
management into a development.

Later in the day, concurrent sessions look at such topics as "Project NEMO"
(Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials), the latest on state and
federal regulations affecting stormwater, funding opportunities for
stormwater management, and getting communities and construction firms ready
for EPA's Phase II rules as the March 10, 2003 implementation deadline

Thursday features a two-part morning workshop on local policies and
ordinances - looking at real-world examples of guidelines and mandates that
are internally consistent and advance wise stormwater management as well as
those that aren't. The second half of the workshop takes a look at how to
identify problem ordinances, determine solutions, and sell those fixes back

For those with a more technical bent, "Not Your Average BMP - Inventive
Technical Solutions to Stormwater Problems" showcases instances from the
conference's poster exhibits where necessity was the mother of apt, creative
innovations. Firms will get to tell their story of the challenge, the
solution, and the rationale behind it. The technical track will also look at
how to use the latest in GIS and modeling to support effective stormwater

Thursday's lunch will feature Kevin Shafer of the Milwaukee Metropolitan
Sewerage District discussing both the big picture of how MMSD has come to
approach stormwater management and some of the path-breaking steps they have
taken, including buying and restoring greenways throughout the watershed.
The conference wraps up with the obvious next step: If stormwater-friendly
conservation friendly site design makes such good sense, how do I spread the
word to developers, buyers and local officials in a way that wins their
support? Representatives of prominent, successful stormwater developments
will share some of their secrets and look at the practical hurdles that need
to be overcome.

For further details on the upcoming 2002 conference, watch Fox-Wolf Basin
2000's conference website, www.fwb2k.org/basin/sw/stormwater02.htm
<http://www.fwb2k.org/basin/sw/stormwater02.htm>, send an e-mail to
fwoffice@athenet.net <mailto:fwoffice@athenet.net> or call Fox-Wolf Basin
2000 at (920) 738-7025.

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