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GLIN==> Northeast-Midwest Weekly Update -- 28 January 2002

     The Northeast-Midwest Institute and Environment and Energy Study
Institute on Tuesday, January 29, will sponsor a briefing on the
energy title of the proposed Senate Farm Bill.  That legislation,
approved last November by the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and
Forestry Committee, would provide incentives to farmers, ranchers, and
rural small businesses to develop renewable energy supplies on their
lands and to increase energy efficiency.  The energy title (IX) would
provide more than $500 million over five years in support of biomass
energy, hydrogen fuel-cell technology, on-farm and utility-scale wind
power systems, and energy efficiency audits and improvements on
farming and ranching operations.
     Discussing the energy title will be representatives from the
American Soybean Association, Cargill Dow, Environment and Energy
Study Institute, and World Resources Institute.  The January 29
session will begin at 10:00 am in room 222 of the Russell Senate
Office Building.
     CONTACT:  Allen Hance at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (464-

     The Northeast-Midwest Institute and Coalitions on Monday,
February 4, will release a regional analysis of the president's fiscal
2003 budget proposal.  That analysis will review the administration's
major initiatives, as well as highlight its treatment of key regional
programs.  The Northeast-Midwest report will be emailed to regional
reporters, House and Senate Coalition members, and state members of
the Institute no later than 5:00 pm on February 4.
     CONTACT:  Matt Kane at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (313/582-