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GLIN==> Fox River: Local Citizens Want a Stronger River & Bay Clean-up Plan

Posted on behalf of Alice McCombs <tarawins@ezwebtech.com>

For immediate release: January 18, 2001

Local Citizens Want a Stronger River & Bay Clean-up Plan

Green Bay, WI --- As the comment period for the Fox River
PCB cleanup plan winds down, with a deadline of January 21,
local citizens are clearly favoring a stronger cleanup than that
proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(DNR) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Clean Water Action Council is submitting 10,672 petition
signatures to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
(DNR) from Northeast Wisconsin residents stating:

     "We Support Fox River Clean-Up.  We, the
     undersigned, want the Fox River cleaned as quickly as
     possible.  The 600 pounds of PCBs which flow down the
     Fox River each year must be stopped.  The Fox River
     PCBs affect the entire Bay of Green Bay and Lake
     Michigan.  Scientific evidence shows PCBs can damage
     the immune system, and reduce intelligence and change
     behavior in our children.  PCBs may also cause cancer
     and birth defects.  We demand a STRONG CLEAN-UP
     HUMANS AND WILDLIFE!  Protect Our Children's
     Health!  We should be able to eat unlimited fish and
     duck meals with NO health risks."

"The plan as proposed does not satisfy this petition, because it
fails to fully protect public health.  The cleanup target level of 1
ppm leaves thousands of people exposed to many decades of
continued health risks, and large PCB deposits in the bay have
been ignored," stated Rebecca Katers, Executive Director of
Clean Water Action Council.  "The plan fails to meet its own

In addition to petition signatures, many hundreds of handwritten
letters, form letters and postcards have been mailed to the
agencies in support of a stronger plan, and more than 500
citizens have sent the Council's online form letter by e-mail to
the DNR and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This e-
mail letter is available at: http://www.foxriverwatch.com/.
Another 150 e-mails were sent via the Wisconsin InterNetwork,
hosted by the League of Conservation Voters.

Public opinion polls have also been very clear.  Two years ago,
approximately 70% of Brown County Residents responding to a
St. Norbert College poll supported Superfund designation for
the Fox River, indicating their desire for a strong enforcement
action to finally clean up the problem.  More recently, Dr. John
Stoll, a University of Wisconsin  Green Bay researcher,
announced results of extensive surveys he conducted in
Northeast Wisconsin showing strong support for full river and
bay cleanup, even to the extent that residents themselves were
willing to pay significant personal dollars for it.

"The government and polluters have dragged their feet for 30
years.   The public will has been thwarted.  Action is long
overdue," concluded Katers.

Citizens are encouraged to mail last-minute letters to:  Ed
Lynch, PE-RR/3, Wisconsin DNR, Fox River Proposed Plan
Comments,101 South Webster St., P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI

For more information, call 920-437-7304.  Or visit:

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