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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 18 December 2001

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International LAKE ONTARIO - ST. LAWRENCE RIVER Study Board
The study is evaluating the 1956 criteria for Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence 
River water levels and flow regulation, taking into account how water 
level fluctuations affect all interests and changing conditions in the 
system, including climate change.

BeachNet: New e-mail discussion forum
Sponsored by the Great Lakes Association for Healthy Recreational 
Waters, BeachNet seeks to facilitate communication between people 
interested in the improvement of recreational beach water quality in the 
Great Lakes basin. Both the Association and listserv membership are open 
to anyone interested in understanding bacterial contamination and its 
impact on recreational beaches, developing better ways to detect and 
monitor pollution, or assuring the health of beach visitors.

A project of the Clean Water Action Council of northeastern Wisconsin, 
this site contains extensive information for the public about PCB 
contamination of the Fox River and Green Bay, the proposed cleanup, and 
health effects of exposure to PCBs. Also includes a collection of 
photographic art from the region.

EnviroZine: Environment Canada's online newsmagazine
This month's EnviroZine features the restoration and protection of the 
Great Lakes, complete with fast facts and related links. Other features 
include stories on oil spills, road salts, and a section for kids, 
EnviroYouth, with experiments and activities.

Funding and Grant Sources in the Great Lakes Region
GLIN's Great Lakes Funding and Grants Guide is a searchable database of 
several hundred grant, fellowship and scholarship sources that have 
relevance for the Great Lakes audience. If you know of a funding 
opportunity not currently in our database, submit it here 

If you're interested in exchanging links with GLIN or furthering your
partnership with the regional network, visit

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Ann Arbor, Mich.

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