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GLIN==> GLPF Seeks Preproposals

GLPF Seeks Preproposals …

As 2001 comes to an end, the Great Lakes Protection Fund is gearing up for another year of supporting innovative and collaborative projects that take regional action to improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.  The Fund seeks projects to support in 2002 through two main avenues:

First, potential grantees are welcome to propose project ideas and submit preproposals in response to our general project guidelines and funding principles at any time.  View our funding guidelines at http://www.glpf.org/precall.htm or call us directly at 847-425-8150 to discuss project ideas.

Second, the Fund has issued a Supplemental Request for Preproposals for a topic of special interest—implementation of Annex 2001.  The Fund hopes to support a group of projects in 2002 that help potential water users, resource managers, scientists, engineers and other technical experts make effective choices under the water resource management system contemplated by Annex 2001 of the Great Lakes Charter.  You can find a link to the supplemental request on our Web site at www.glpf.org.   

Mark Your Calendars …

While we encourage you to submit your preproposals to us as soon as possible, the last date we will accept submittals in response to the Fund’s Supplemental Request for Preproposals is January 25, 2002.  The Fund will respond to all preproposals in mid February following the Projects and Grant Making Committee’s quarterly meeting.

Stay Tuned …

The Fund may issue additional Supplemental Request for Preproposals covering other topics of interest in 2002.  Keep checking our Web site for announcements at www.glpf.org.

Happy Holidays!

Jolie D. Krasinski
Project Development Manager
Great Lakes Protection Fund
1560 Sherman Ave., Suite 880
Evanston, IL 60201
ph: (847) 425-8150 fax: (847) 424-9832