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GLIN==> Michigan's Urban Coastlines

Title: Michigan's Urban Coastlines
From: Michigan Sea Grant
Contact: Elizabeth LaPorte, Communications Manager or Joyce Daniels, Editor, Michigan Sea Grant, Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Sea Grant's focuses on the Saginaw-Bay Watershed and the Detroit River in feature article all 2001 featured story "Making the Most of Michigan's Urban Coastline," in a recent publication.

Michigan's coastal communities face unique land-use challenges. Many rural communities are experiencing unprecedented growth and development pressures along prime Great Lakes shoreline. At the same time, urban communities are confronting a different but related set of challenges. In older coastal cities such as Detroit and Bay City, community leaders are working to revitalize urban waterfronts in order to attract business, retain population and enhance quality of life. As we enter the 21st Century, these urban coastal communities in Michigan are recognizing the close ties between a healthy ecosystem and a vital economy...

See the online version of the entire article at http://www.miseagrant.org/pubs/up/index.html or request a printed copy from Michigan Sea Grant via email at msgpubs@umich.edu.

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