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GLIN==> Great Lakes Protection Fund Invites Preproposals for Projects to Implement Annex 2001

The Great Lakes Protection Fund invites preproposals for a group of coordinated projects that help potential water users, resource managers, engineers and scientists, and others make effective choices under the water management system contemplated by Annex 2001 of the Great Lakes Charter.  The complete supplemental Request for Preproposals is available at http://www.glpf.org/Annex rfp.htm or http://www.glpf.org/Annex 2001 RfP.pdf   The Fund is particularly interested in projects that build technical tools, test various decision-making processes, and provide tangible examples of how likely future water uses can be linked to improvements to the basin’s water dependent natural resources.


January 25, 2002 is the submission deadline for this supplemental request.


For more information, please visit the Fund’s website, http://www.glpf.org




David Rankin

Vice President and Director of Programs

Great Lakes Protection Fund