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GLIN==> Donahue appointed to environmental board

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Donahue appointed to Corps’ Environmental Advisory Board

Ann Arbor, Mich.  — Dr. Michael J. Donahue, President/CEO of the Great Lakes Commission, has been appointed to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Environmental Advisory Board.  This prestigious panel of environmental experts advises the Corps' Chief of Engineers (Lt. Gen. Robert B. Flowers) on national policy directions and on environmentally sustainable solutions to engineering and economic challenges.  

Nathaniel E. Robinson, chairman of the Great Lakes Commission, welcomed the news. “Our member states have long partnered with the Corps on projects ranging from infrastructure improvements to environmental remediation,” said Robinson.  “Dr. Donahue’s appointment enhances the Commission's national profile and will strengthen federal/state partnerships in this region and beyond.”

Other members of the board include Dr. Paul Sandifer, Director of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources; Ms. Virginia B. Weatherell, former Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Dr. Jeffrey Mount, University of California-Davis; Dr. Theodore L. Hullar, Atlantic Philanthropic Services Co.; Dr. Paul Hosier, University of North Carolina; and Dr. Fred Weinmann, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (retired).

“This appointment is a great honor,” said Donahue, “I look forward to working with the Chief of Engineers and my fellow board members as we focus on the environmental dimensions of the Corps' mission.”

The Environmental Advisory Board was established in 1970 to ensure access to independent advice associated with implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act passed that same year. Members are selected on the basis of their expert knowledge and experience, and diversity in scientific disciplines and geographic focus is sought.


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