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For immediate release
November 13, 2001



December 5, 2001 marks the official launch of Lakekeeper Mark Mattson's
environmental watchdog project, the Lake Ontario Keeper (LOK).

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., president of the international Waterkeeper Alliance,
will welcome Mattson - who has been patrolling the lake all summer - into
the Alliance in a series of events to be held in Hamilton and Toronto.

The day begins at 9:00AM at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.  Environment
Hamilton's Lynda Lukasik will welcome invited guests, media, Lakekeeper Mark
Mattson, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  At this time, Kennedy will commission
LOK's second full-time pollution patrol boat.  The boat will be dedicated to
the Hamilton Harbour and will be maintained by Lukasik and Environment

Following the commissioning ceremony, the team moves to Hamilton Place
where, at 10:30AM, Kennedy, Mattson, and Lukasik will introduce students
from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Boards to the Keeper program.

This is followed at 12 noon by a fundraiser luncheon, to benefit Lake
Ontario Keeper's work in the Hamilton area.  Lukasik, Mattson, and Kennedy
will address guests in the Chedoke Room at the Hamilton Convention Centre.

The team then travels to Toronto during the afternoon to prepare for a gala
fundraising dinner at Halo Bistro.  The Right Honourable John N. Turner
P.C., C.C., Q.C. will welcome Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Waterkeeper
Alliance to Canada.  Lakekeeper Mark Mattson and Kennedy will speak.

The dinner is followed by a party at the Halo lounge.

Lake Ontario Keeper, one of Ontario's newest environmental initiatives, took
to the water on July 6, 2001 under the guidance of Lakekeeper Mark Mattson.
Mattson is also executive director of the Environmental Bureau of
Investigation (EBI) and a criminal lawyer.  The EBI is a coalition of
volunteers that has successfully investigated and documented pollution
crimes for the past five years.  Mattson will travel the lake year-round,
listening to concerns, monitoring contaminated sites, and documenting
evidence of pollution crimes. There are more than 70 keeper programs


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