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GLIN==> Final Notice: Great Lakes Grant Forum

Final Notice: Registration deadline is this Friday, Oct. 19!

A Great Lakes Grant Forum

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Lansing Center
333 East Michigan Ave.
Lansing, Michigan

Sponsored by the Statewide Public Advisory Council for Michiganís Areas
of Concern Program

Whatís Being Planned

The grant forum will explore several important new funding opportunities
for restoring environmental quality in the Great Lakes and Michigan
tributaries designated as Areas of Concern (AOCs).  The forum will focus
on funding available for Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans from the
Clean Michigan Initiativeís Clean Water Fund and Coastal Restoration
Grants under the stateís Coastal Management Program.  The Michigan
Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) will release application
packages for these grant programs this fall, with approximately $14
million expected to be available.

The forum also will provide an opportunity to build partnerships between
citizens groups guiding restoration efforts in the AOCs and entities -
such as consultants, universities and regional agencies - that
specialize in designing and implementing watershed management
activities, best management practices and associated environmental
restoration projects.

Members of the Statewide Public Advisory Council and representatives
from local public advisory councils (PACs) will be on hand to discuss
their AOCsí restoration priorities and to consider collaborative
approaches to addressing them.  A comprehensive list of restoration
recommendations from all of Michiganís 14 AOCs will be available at the
forum.  Ample time will be provided to network and identify areas of
mutual interest.

Who Should Attend

The forum is intended for members of public advisory councils in the
AOCs and local agencies and organizations contributing to restoration
efforts in those areas.  In addition, consultants, universities regional
agencies and other groups that specialize in designing and implementing
watershed management activities, best management practices and related
restoration projects are encouraged to attend.  The local PACs are
seeking partners to assist in developing proposals and conducting work
that will take advantage of the new grant funds.

How to Register

The is no charge for attending the grant forum, but attendees must
register in advance.  The registration form and additional background
information are available from the Statewide Public Advisory Councilís
web site at www.glc.org/spac/spac.html.  The registration deadline is
Friday, October 19.

For More Information

Information on Michiganís Great Lakes Areas of Concern, the Statewide
Public Advisory Council and local advisory groups is available online at
www.glc.org/spac/spac.html.  MDEQ will release the grant application
packages (GAP) for the Clean Water Fund and the Coastal Restoration
Grants this fall.  The Clean Water Fund GAP will be available online at
http://www.deq.state.mi.us/swq/nps/npshome.htm.  The Coastal Restoration
Grant GAP will be available online at

Additional questions can be directed to Matt Doss, Great Lakes
Commission, 734-665-9135, mdoss@glc.org.

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