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GLIN==> Longtime Great Lakes Fisheries Scientist Dies

It is our sad duty to inform the Great Lakes community that longtime
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientist Ross M. Horrall died Sept. 17,
2001, at the age of 70.
A fisheries biologist and ecologist, Dr. Horrall was a pioneer in Great
Lakes-wide efforts to re-establish self-sustaining populations of lake
trout. He had a spiritual and scientific zeal for this work that inspired
others to participate and contribute to it.

He made important early contributions to Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources' successful efforts to re-establish a spawning population of lake
trout on Devils Island Shoal in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior. He
also provided important assistance to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission,
for which he served as an advisor.  His documentary work on the historical
lake trout fishery is still used today.

Horrall received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from UW-Madison, where he was a
student of eminent limnologist Dr. Arthur Hasler, who determined that salmon
use their sense of smell to return to their natal streams to spawn.  Working
with other university scientists and the WDNR, Horrall showed that coho
salmon and steelhead trout exposed to particular synthetic chemicals and
released into Lake Michigan could be induced to spawn in a tributary marked
with the same imprinting chemicals. This discovery led to an efficient
fisheries management technique for obtaining and fertilizing salmon eggs for
hatcheries through the capture of spawning salmon decoyed to collection
ponds in Great Lakes tributaries.

Horrall rose to the position of  senior scientist while working for the
UW-Madison Department of Zoology, Marine Studies Center, and the UW Sea
Grant Institute from 1965 until 1989.  His colleagues remember him for his
dedication to research, his enthusiasm for new ideas, and his good humor in
many collaborative efforts. His field parties of divers, engineers, and
technicians fondly recall their expeditions with Ross to the Apostle Islands
and the nearshore waters of Lake Michigan as high points of their careers.

He will be missed.

posted by Stephen Wittman on behalf of 
Dr. Horrall's many friends and colleagues
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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