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GLIN==> Job Opening for GLRC, GLTV, and Michigan Radio

Michigan Radio, where the Great Lakes Radio Consortium and the Great Lakes
Television Consortium are produced, is searching for a new development
officer.  This development officer would work closely with GLRC and GLTV
staff to help raise funds for future projects.  It's a full-time, University
of Michigan position with benefits.  We are seeking a person who has worked
closely with regional and national foundations, is a creative thinker, and
has a good understanding of environmental and social issues facing the

Please pass this information along to those who may be interested.  We'd
like to find an energetic individual who can help us continue to produce
quality programming.

The posting should be at the following website tomorrow morning:
http://www.umich.edu/~jobs/.  The posting number is T-019781-SO.

Official particulars follow:

The manager of Foundation and Government Grants reports to the Director of
Development and is part of a nine member development team.  This position is
responsible for planning and implementing a comprehensive program to
identify, cultivate, and solicit grants from foundation and government
supporters; identify new sources of foundation support; prepare proposals
for both operating and specific project foundation and government grants;
assist with the preparation of corporate foundation proposals; work with
Michigan Radio's staff to identify projects and programs of interest to
potential supporters and match programs with prospects; work with business
manager to ensure timely reporting on grants; participate in station fund
drives; other duties assigned.

Department Qualifications:
Department Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree with 2 years development experience; excellent written and
oral communication skills; project management experience; strong research,
problem-solving and analytical skills; excellent computer skills.

University Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience
is necessary.  Reasonable experience in marketing, advertising, public
relations, communications or a related field is necessary.  Some experience
in fund-raising is desirable.  Some knowledge of the University organization
is desirable.  Some knowledge of University protocol and governance is
desirable.  Some experience with data base management and personal computers
is desirable.

Thanks, Mark B.

Mark Brush
Great Lakes Radio Consortium
5000 LS&A Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382
(ph) 734-764-9210

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