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GLIN==> USTfields: EPA pilot project to clean up underground storage tanks

United States Environmental Protection Agency
Headquarters Press Release
Washington, DC
For Release: Thursday, August 23 , 2001

       Whitman Announces $4 Million Pilot Project
       To Clean up Underground Storage Tank Sites

Administrator Christie Whitman today announced that EPA
will provide $4 million in financial assistance to clean up
contamination from leaking underground storage tanks around
the nation. The Agency expects to select up to 40 pilot
projects to help states and cities clean up these
properties and foster redevelopment by returning them to
productive economic and public use.

"These sites have caused problems that in many cases have
very costly solutions. With this pilot money, recipients
will be able to accelerate cleanup and return properties to
viable use," said Whitman. "Fostering clean up at these
sites not only restores the land but helps protect our
water resources from petroleum contamination. The new pilot
program is similar to our Brownfields initiatives in that
it can help revitalize industrial areas and communities."

While Brownfields has been extremely successful, it has
been unable to address abandoned petroleum tanks. These new
pilots are building on the successful Brownfields program
by bridging that gap. The pilot project, called USTfields,
involves abandoned or under-used industrial and commercial
properties with perceived or actual contamination from
petroleum that has leaked from underground storage tanks

EPA is inviting states, territories and federally-
recognized Indian Tribes as well as eligible intertribal
consortia to compete for these pilots. Each selected pilot
will receive up to $100,000 in Leaking Underground Storage
Tank Trust Fund monies. The deadline for submitting
proposals for the USTfields Pilots is October 22. The
announcement of the selected pilots will take place by the
end of the year.

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To retrieve the Proposal Guidelines for USTfields Pilots,
visit the USTFields Pilots page at:
http://www.epa.gov/swerust1/ustfield/index.htm#pilots  For more general
information on the USTfields Initiative, visit
that page at: http://www.epa.gov/swerust1/ustfield/  For general information
on the U.S. EPA's Brownfields
Program, visit: http://www.epa.gov/brownfields/

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