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GLIN==> New Shorebirds Sister Schools Educational and GIS Web Sites

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Dear Shorebird Sister Schools,
I just received this information and thought it might be of some interest
to you.

Also, it's migration time.....please send me your observations of
shorebirds as they pass through your area!

Happy shorebirding!
Hilary Chapman, Shorebird Sister Schools Program Coordinator


The EnviroMapper application provides users with interactive Geographic
Information System (GIS) functionality using EPA spatial data.  It can map
various types of environmental information, including air releases,
drinking water, toxic releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits,
and Superfund sites.  Create maps at the national, state, and county
levels, and link them to environmental text reports.  For more information,
go to http://www.epa.gov/enviro/html/em/index.html.

EPA Global Warming Site

The educator's section of this site,
http://www.epa.gov/globalwarming/visitorcenter/educators/index.html, links
to materials that educators and outreach professionals can use in
presentations and classroom activities on climate change science, potential
impacts, and mitigation options.  Tools include a greenhouse gas
calculator, a global warming wheel card for presentations, case studies,
and interactive software to measure energy consumption, impact, and
reduction opportunities.

International Youth Foundation Website

The International Youth Foundation announces the launch of
YouthActionNet.org, a new website seeking to inspire and nurture present
and future youth leadership worldwide.  The aim is to provide a virtual
space where young people can share lessons, stories, information, and
advice on how to lead effective change.  YouthActionNet is part of the Make
a Connection program, a global, multi-year partnership between Nokia
Corporation and IYF to promote positive youth development by giving young
people an opportunity to "make a connection" to their communities, their
peers, and themselves.  Visit the site at www.youthactionnet.org, and
spread the word to interested young people in your networks.

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